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Become a Conversation Specialist; The Art & Science of the 3-way Validation call.

Discover what has been missing. This is the training “they” don’t want you to have.  Dr James unlocks the key to understanding the dynamics of the complex and makes it so simple. Every superstar has a move that even when the competition tries to stop it, they can’t. Even when they know it is coming. Kareem Abdul Jabbar had the “sky hook”, Allen Iverson had the “crossover”, Nolan Ryan had the “split finger fastball”, Michael Jordan could “hang in the air” …

Unlock the formula of the PS3 and make it your “move” that is unstoppable. First Dr James takes you into the phycology of the Validation call. Discover the most commonly forgotten step in the PS3 formula.  Learning the formula will help you understand why every validation call is the same, yet completely different.  Next, it is important to know when to do the 3-way validation call. Sometimes before they have seen or heard anything or most commonly, after the “S”.

Dr James will take you on a journey where you will benefit from his years of experience. He reveals actual “live validation calls” in real time. If you are a beginner, somewhat experienced, “kinda” know what you are doing or a pro. This potent training will help you reach the next level of understanding and propel your business.

The Harvest is Plenty, Abundance is Your Birthright, Greatness is your Destiny!

My name is RB. I just wanted to take this opportunity to share with you my experience using 3 Way calling with Dr. James. This was my first 3 way with him and the experience was phenomenal! I learned so much from this one call; and I didn't even do it the right way! I piqued my prospect's interest with a video that Dr. James produced, I then edified Dr. James beforehand and told him a little bit about my prospect; then I connected the two with 3 way call. I strategically selected Dr. James to do this particular 3 way with this particular prospect. After the introduction I shut up, listened and took notes! Here's what happened; Dr. James asked my prospect to tell him a little bit about himself and he did; in doing so Dr. James was able to take key parts of his story and relate it back to the very things he'd said. Dr. James tied it all together so beautifully using underlying currents and totally turned my prospects mind around from NOT wanting to become a business associate, because he was too busy; to he can't wait to get started!!! Dr. James was able to build a rapport with my prospect in that short period of time and towards the end of the conversation Dr. James closed it by setting up a follow-up 3 way call the following day. DONE!!! Let me say this.... 3-way calls are VITAL to your business and knowing how to do them correctly to be effective is of the utmost importance. If you are NOT doing them, you are literally Killing your Business! I follow Dr. James’ training because he and his wife have accomplished success in a very short period of time, so he KNOWS what he's doing. I would encourage you all to get on board with his training at HAVEWHATYOUSAY.COM to obtain success in your business. Last thing...Dr. James heart is truly in the right place, because he so willingly helped me just for the asking....And I am NOT in his down-line 🙂
R.B., Georgia


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